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Laundry Day-Guillaume Chartier

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Les cartons de Mr. Carton // Gadin alpin by Michael Bolufer

Bienvenue to Monsieur Carton’s cardboard world. But oh, mon dieu, watch out for the traffic. Beep beep!

A cute little film to kill some time.


The Night We Were Kings

During the night, a boy and a girl, escape from the city, running away towards nature, only to be the kings of the night.

A video made by Chloe Nicolay, Manddy Wyckens, Anthony Lejeune, Gaspard and Leah Sumeire Justum, five students of the famous French animation School, Gobelins under the production of Cube Creative.

Great atmosphere, very successful visualisation and big credits for the music. Do yourself a favor, full screen it and get lost inside this really great short. 

I’m truly amazed by some people’s talents. Take the time watch something awesome.

I love this! Can you name them all?

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